If on any day you feel the need to avail home cleaning service at affordable prices, you can book Masi on our website and within the next 45-minutes, Our Masi will be at your door.

For our urgent-basis service, 3-minimum services such as broom floor, moping floor, and washing dishes.

One-month service includes a minimum of 5 services with 4 hours daily excluding Sundays.

We offer all home cleaning services on Sundays. We suggest booking Masi as early as possible to reserve a slot.

Urgent-basis Masi service should be booked 6 hours in advance. Just put in your address, your preferred date/time slot to avoid any last-minute rush.

Yes, take permission from the society/apartment reception prior to booking time for smooth completion of the service. Also, make sure you have fine brooming (Jharoo), mops and baskets, dry &wet cloth for dusting, and cleaning agents for Bathroom cleaning.

At Masi (SMC-Pvt) Limited, We work on training maids/Masi before we recruit them for premium services. We strive every day to provide you the best client services. In case, you are not satisfied with any service, please get in touch with customer care service, they will look at the matter with priority to provide you with the service you had desired.

We strive to provide you a secure and comfortable experience. However, we suggest looking after your belonging to prevent any mishap or damage.

Our urgent service is provided within 45-minutes of booking. To cater to rush-hour service, you will have to pay 80% of the total amount in the order, if the cleaner arrives and the service is not availed.